Sunday, April 10, 2011

G's Big Day!

At the tea room, enjoying a pb&j, petit four, fruit, and hot cocoa in a tea pot. Princess crown included in the service.
Selected a princess piggy bank to paint at the studio.
Choosing colors to make the princess magnificent. G. chose colors that made princess look a lot like her.
Being a great painter takes lots of concentration and focus.
The finished project. It will be glazed and fired at the studio. Pick up is next Saturday.

G. has a a very long, extended birthday. It all started with San Diego, then a small shin-dig at the house with three small cakes, followed by the movie HOP and a visit with the Easter bunny and now....Camelia Tea House in Benicia, Ca. followed by painting pottery at Artcentric across the street.

April 10th - G's 5th birthday!

Getting ready to make a wish!
The three princess cakes (fed about 3 people each)
5 years ago today, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl! Happy birthday, G! Last Friday, I invited grandma and auntie (with cousins) to share in a piece of cake at night. No big shin-dig this year since San Diego costed us a lot...and we told her that was her birthday present. G. wasn't happy with that because we never had cake!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail!

After watching thte movie, Hop, we headed for the park. A mom with two kids told us E.B. was at the grocery store next door to the park. Fortunately, we got the last pic with the giant bunny before the opportunity ended at 3:00. N. was so excited to see E.B. and rushed him to give him a hug!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunny San Diego!

At the entrance of SeaWorld, San Diego
Our girls being introduced to a two-toed sloth at SeaWorld
My girls meeting Elmo and Abby Cadabby.
Last week, Rob and I took the kids to sunny San Diego for Spring Break. While it was storming here in the North bay, San Diego had great weather. In fact, I got a little sunburned.
We visited Legoland, SeaWorld, San Diego Animal Park, and the San Diego Zoo. By the end of the trip, my legs were sore. Maybe we should have planned for a vacation after the vacation.
We took over 500 pictures; however, here are just a few from our wonderful trip to SeaWorld.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Nealon Girls and Kristi Yamaguchi

Recently, the girls and I had a great opportunity to meet 1992 Gold medal olympian and Dancing with the Star Mirror Ball winner, Kristi Yamaguchi during her school tour promoting her new children's book, Dream Big Little Pig. The illustrations in this book really caught my 4 year olds eye possibly because of all the pink and sparkles.
Kristi is a cute, very petite woman. She enjoyed her visit to our elementary school. Our students got to ask her questions and she read her entire book to a room full of pre-k to 3rd grade students.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Site Name Change!

Yes; you saw it correctly. The Nealon girls + one! We are bringing a new little Nealon on board in June! I've been either tired, busy, or unmotivated to write the blog, but here I am this morning, with barely enough sleep.
My girls are doing well. We are slowly introducing the concept of bunk beds as they prepare to move into a new room to make way for baby. N. is still enjoying a "poop" or "pee" joke from time to time. This all came to be when she learned how to use the potty....but we are still working on the former. G. is preparing for kindergarten. Wow. How time flies when your having fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

misc. pics of my girls.

Some of Natalia's usual looks to get me to get her a treat from the fridge.
Gaby posing with a rose.
Goofing off before the party.
Posing after she just got her hair done for the party.
Posing in front of her house.